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Over 1,150,000+ (1.15+ Million) local and business related listings have already been placed across the Localzz Network
 The Localzz consists of 100+ Marketplaces or 100 Directories and more below.
The Localzz Network also includes 900 more planned marketplaces, 300 planned media sites, over 300 promotional assets, and defining domains all working to promote the Localzz Network
Localzz has plans to launch 100 Marketplaces, 250 Marketplaces, 500 Marketplaces, and a total of 1000 Marketplaces.
 Get listed today! Add your business, business related, or local information listings.
  Free, basic, and\or featured listings on these digital destinations (Some sites listed coming soon):
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Localzz is empowering businesses to grow their businesses through self placed listings on a branded national to local digital marketplace ecosystem.
Localzz is a massive owned and operated network of marketplace and media brands! ( and - A portal, network, and directory of the Localzz national to local O & O Marketplaces and Media digital properties. Localzz has over 1000+ owned and operated brands, domains, and destinations. Some Localzz assets are or maybe for sale.
The Localzz also may promote software to help businesses get business, organize, and manage all aspects of their business.


100+ marketplaces of 250 marketplaces launched. Many brands to be launched soon...
Localzz is a next generation national and local marketplace and media company that comes to market with over 1500+ digital assets to build out, 100+ current marketplaces live, and over 1,150,000 current business listings. Localzz empowers businesses to advertising, market, and promote all aspects of their businesses.

Localzz™ – A national brand and marketplace for local information. A LocalzzNetwork brand, marketplace, directory, and media destination.

Localzz (Northland Advertising LLC) is helping locals with a B2B and B2C digital marketplace and media company that currently includes 100 launched of a planned 1000 national (and global) information marketplaces with close to 1 million self-placed business listings to date. This diversified marketplace and media network is currently adding around 150,000 listings a month with an innovative, networked, and free to budget friendly listing pricing strategy.
The Localzz has a 1500 plus domain portfolio to build out into ONE 1000 plus massive owned and operated branded marketplace and media network. is just one of these Localzz Marketplaces.
Some others include:,,,,

Localzz has plans for value added features, services, products, content, and partnerships with each branded niche marketplace vertical. Localzz also has plans for building an advertising, listings, content, and article PaaS portals for customers to manage information, data, and content through API connections with the Localzz O & O properties.
There are over 33 million businesses in the USA and Localzz is creating a network of branded digital marketplaces for their information and details. In the USA, digital advertising spending was over $211 billion in 2021 and is expected to be $315 billion by 2025.
The Localzz Network has the vision, domain portfolio, and strategy to launch a total of 1000 plus diverse 300 plus category to niche marketplace and media sites all networked together into a digital information ecosystem.

The Localzz customer is any business that wants to advertise, but also any consumer looking for local information, services, and products.
Localzz is like 1000 businesses in one as a digital one-of-a-kind and all-in-one advertising and information solution company.

The Localzz customer is any business that wants to advertise, but also any consumer looking for local information, services, and products.

The Localzz Network is empowering businesses to grow their businesses through self placed listings on a massive branded national to local digital marketplace network ecosystem.

Localzz – A Next Generation National and Local Marketplace and Media Company

The problem to solve… National and local information is highly decentralized and fragmented. Where do you find the information you are looking for? National and local digital advertising, marketing, and promoting products and services are extremely tough, confusing, and costly. How does a consumer find your product and service? Are customers and clients not finding your business in a search engine or other marketplaces? Is advertising on the internet too complicated and you don’t know where to start? How about the Localzz Network?
The Localzz solution… Provide digital products and services to find national and local information. Provide digital products and services to advertise, market, and promote information to a national and local audience. The solution – Localzz , Localzz Network, Localzz Marketplaces, Localzz Media , Localzz Brands, Localzz Digital!
The Localzz why… There is a need and market out there for information. Digital is where it is at. People want any easy way to find national and local information. Businesses want an easy and affordable way to advertise, market, and promote their businesses.
The Localzz how… The Localzz will achieve this mission and vision with one of the largest owned and operated portfolios of digital destinations that are strategically networked together to create a digital information and advertising ecosystem.
To the potential Localzz advertiser how… Do you want some free trial annual advertising on 87+ Marketplaces that are networked and working together? Is your other digital advertising getting results? Are you listed on search engines and are not getting found or leads? Are you doing everything else you can think of and you are wondering where else you can get leads, customers, or clients? Is your current advertising tough to manage?
The Localzz strategy… Be bold, simple, innovative, diversified (going wide with brands), and branded like nothing out there currently and be a combination of all the marketplace and media sites at once. Localzz goes wide with hundreds of planned destinations, which provides more spread out advertising opportunities to be found through browsing or searching.
The Localzz will create hundreds of branded digital marketplace destinations to find business services and products. These hundreds of marketplaces will connect consumers to businesses with 10 to 500+ categories on each digital destination. An example could be where business advertisers will login in and create an account and place a business listing. Localzz has some flagship brands (currently 34,600 listings) , (currently 14,000 listings) , (currently 20,000 listings) , (currently 16,000 listings) , (currently 14,000 listings) , (currently 15,000 listings)
The future may include a centralized PaaS ( and to mange listings through an API to possibly 500 owned and operated marketplaces for a per listing fee, monthly fee, or annual fee. The strategic advantage is owning and operating all the destination marketplaces.
The Localzz will then move on to media destination sites. These would include hundreds of national to local general category to niche or topic destination sites. There may be 100 sites that provide national to local information. An example would be a national brand like that would start with national information, then have sub sites for each state, region, or city. A national brand for local information. Media might be a hybrid model for content. Content would possibly be a combination of company placed content with contributor supplied content.
The future may include a centralized Article PaaS ( or Content PaaS ( to mange category content through an API to possibly hundreds Localzz owned and operated of media destinations. Company employees may have access through this platform and contributing article providers may place content through this system.
The Localzz vision… The vision is to be an all-in-one resource for national and local information whether you are looking for information as a information consumer or a poster of national or local information. The Localzz network exists to connect communities to national and local information. Localzz supports businesses as a backbone to local communities. The Localzz is digital focused marketplace and media company. The Localzz builds digital brands that empower locals to find and post information on the Localzz digital information ecosystem.
The Localzz market… The Localzz market is any consumer looking for information and any business looking to advertise , market, and promote their products and services. For information consumers the USA has a population of 329 million, Canada a population of 38 million, and the UK a population 67 million. For businesses the USA has over 31 million businesses, Canada has 1 million plus businesses, and the UK has over 5 million businesses. The USA is the largest digital advertising market in the world, as the country had the highest revenue in the digital advertising market in 2020 – an estimated 137 billion U.S. dollars. About four out of ten dollars invested in ads in the country were devoted to digital advertising.
The Localzz marketplace current status and potential… Localzz has 1700+digital assets owned and operated, 100+ marketplaces live with over 1,150,000 listings. These 1,150,000+ listings acquired in 2021 were achieved with no paid advertising. Localzz has a goal of 2 million+ total listings in 2022 and a goal of 5 million+ total listings in 2023. With the current 100 marketplaces right now a business could place a listing on all 75 marketplaces for free. That could be considered a $750 value or savings now at a potential future cost of$10 listing. Future listings maybe free, $1-5, $10, $15, $20, or $25 annually depending on length of listing and basic or featured listing. Localzz has a goal to get 250 marketplaces live in the 2 years. As a hypothetical future example, a business may place a listing on all 250 marketplace for $5 to $25 for each site annually, which would be $1,250 to $6,250 (now this is only one business) The goal is to make advertising affordable to all advertisers and let businesses increase there advertising as they see value on being on the Localzz Network. The Localzz is a community network and increased advertising should be done as businesses can afford to increase their exposure and see the value. The Localzz has plans for 550 marketplaces, so a business could increase advertising on to 500 marketplaces, then on to expand development of hybrid media and marketplace sites.
The Localzz media site potential… Localzz has over 300+ media planned brands for nation to local media sites. was mention above plus many others like, It could be a national brand navigating down to state, regional, and local information and covering the most popular information and be subscription based for some content. Some state, regional, and local categories on some of these branded site may be: Latest information, trending information, featured information, news, weather, crime & courts, sports, obituaries, health, business, education, entertainment, milestones, public notices, legal notices, event calendar. A basic subscription might be $5 to $15 monthly and a premium content subscription may be more. National media sites might include niches like,,,,, ,,,,,, and many more. These would provide free and premium content at a annual subscription price.
The Localzz competition.. The internet is full of marketplace and media sites, but no one (to my knowledge) has a portfolio of brands as large Localzz. Localzz is looking at launching 1000 marketplace brands and 300+ media brands with the support of over 300 promotional digital assets. The Localzz starts out as a lean, centralized, and highly diversified business startup. The options are almost unlimited. The Localzz network may be it’s own best strategic partner with it’s branded digital information and advertising ecosystem. There are some large players out there with revenue in the billions. The Localzz can and has built a massive customer base of half a million listings in less than a year. The Localzz has a long list of advantages that includes diversification, a large domain asset portfolio, similar branding, the possibly of hundreds of trademarks owned, extremely low employee count, simple tech stack, standardized marketplaces, planned standardized media destinations sites, fast growth potential, fast scaling potential, extremely low cost to maintain current operating status, and much more.
The Localzz and potential strategic affiliates, partnerships, combinations. The Localzz is testing some various affiliate and partner programs. Localzz is also promoting a business SaaS software through various brands like,,, There may be many other products the Localzz may promote.

Options are always on the table for other strategic combinations. The Localzz and Localzz Network may operate best as a highly flexible, dynamic, and lean privately owned company, but if the right opportunity arises and a strategic combination might make sense. The may be an path to scale out the whole Localzz vision faster. A partnership with full service digital advertising and marketing company may make sense in the future too.

The Localzz name… The Localzz name was decided on because of locals. We all live local. It’s about local information, people, business, communities, and so much more. People also reach out of their local city or region for information, products, or services not offered locally. We may have businesses that offer products or services beyond a physical local area.

The Localzz brands and networking… The Localzz has acquired hundreds of domains. Most of which have similar branding, which is a Localzz strategic plan to launch, network, and connect these brands into groups that will create a digital ecosystem of a combination of marketplaces and media destinations.

The Localzz strategic branding and categories… Each marketplace and media branded digital destination will be more generically focused for business listings like, then move to more niche sites like, then to more niche sites like Right now advertisers are taking advantage of the free advertising on most of the Localzz Network sites. Another example is Localzz has a site like, which is getting more restaurant listings. The Localzz may turn marketplace destinations into both marketplace and media sites.

The Localzz success…I believe the Localzz is already highly successful by getting 1,150,000+ listings in less than one year. The Localzz hopes the business advertiser sees the value of being on a listed on a Localzz Network owned digital property. This means hundreds of listings or businesses are being advertised, marketed, and promoted.

The Localzz has a massive, simple, and network planned strategy. The and are simple in design and structure to get you to the wide range of Localzz owned marketplaces and media destinations.

The Localzz uses promotional digital promotional assets and brands
 (Some for future plans and use)

The Localzz Network has plans to launch 251 to 500 Marketplaces

The Localzz prepares over 300 media brands for digital destination development

Localzz Media Brand and Category Articles at: - Articles - Articles - Articles - Articles - Articles - Articles - Articles - Articles - Articles - Articles - Articles
Localzz Media and Marketplaces is looking at strategic options. There may be an incredible opportunity out there. Localzz Media  may consider asset sale, merger, partnership, or other. Localzz may have put together the largest portfolio of digital brands that another company may be able to build out quicker. Contact for more details.
Localzz operates as a digital information marketplace, media, and advertising company.
Localzz Media and Marketplaces is building one of the largest networks, portfolio, or family of connected digital brands and destinations. Localzz Media and Marketplaces consisting of over 1000+ digital assets and properties. Also, known as the Localzz Network. Localzz sees the incredible future, potential, and opportunities in an all-in-one and one-of-a-kind digital holding company. Innovation, diversification, and centralization creates an ongoing strategy while being conservative with resources.
Localzz Media creates national to local digital brands or destinations for Consumerzz, Businessezz, Advertiserzz, and Communitiezz.  Localzz Media and Marketplaces holds a bold vision of a massive owned and operated diversified information and advertising next generation company.  Localzz Media and Marketplaces is a journey of continuous vision, creativity, and development.
Localzz and Localzz Media is a digital local and national next-generation media and marketplace company. Localzz Media is for daily to annual information and advertising. Localzz to provide over 1000+ national to local digital brands for local information markets.
Localzz is a digitally focused, innovative, and diversified company for information.
Localzz is a next generation media company to include community, interests, marketplaces, directories, and more. These would include branded divisions like Northland and similar other themed media and marketplace groups.
 Localzz has a plan to be the all-in-one and one-of-a-kind centralized owned and operated media company for your national to local information and advertising.
Localzz media and marketplace groups create the Localzz Media Network, the LOCAL INFORMATION NETWORK, the National Information Network, and Digital Information Ecosystem.
The Localzz Media groups provide national to local digital destinations, directories, and marketplaces.  Local Information Marketplaces consist of national categories, local categories, life categories, lifestyle categories, life interest categories, and life stage categories for local information consumers.
 Localzz Media to connect Consumerzz, Businessezz, Advertiserzz, and Communitiezz.
Coming - Future and planned premium Localzz owned branded national to local business and information marketplaces and destinations
These digital brands, assets, and domains will be future spin-up or spin-off branded business and business information related marketplace destinations part of the Localzz Network
LocalZZ - Local People, Businesses, Information, and Websites
LocalZZ Media - The Local Information Network
The Local Information, Directory, and Listing Network
Localzz is a digital advertising and publishing company
Get your local information listed today!
An Advertising Media Company Owned and Operated by  Northland Advertising LLC and Localzz Media
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